Several hotels, estates, and casinos have been claimed to have had apparent ghost sightings over the years. Most of these places are haunted because of their rich past, which is marked by treachery, greed, murder, lust, war, deaths, murder, and, you guessed it, gambling conflicts.

The souls of individuals who have sadly departed from certain areas, it is believed, still have unfinished business. As a result, they stay in the places they went through, trying to get their affairs in order before crossing over to the other realm. With its lengthy and storied past and a never-ending cast of colorful individuals, it’s no surprise that America is home to a plethora of haunted locations.

A List of the Most Haunted Casinos

Few people think about The Shining when they visit a resort or casino in America. American resorts and casinos, as researched here in the list of US casinos, are too glamorous and ritzy, and their makeovers are too recent. What shadows can a ghost hide in among all those brilliant lights?

Concealed ghosts, as well as lost and wandering souls, dwell amid America’s popular casinos’ passageways and structures. The following are the most haunted casinos in America:

  1. Atlantic City Resorts International

Resorts International was one of the first casino hotels to open its doors in Atlantic City. The structure that houses the hotel was built in 1868 as the Chalfonte Hotel. The Chalfonte Hotel joined with another structure in 1903 to form the Chalfonte Haddon Hotel, and it was around this period that the first reports of ghosts were made.

Guests at the hotel frequently complained about intense colds, which is generally an indication of ghost activity. People also claimed to have seen the hotel, which was primarily made of brick and steel, shift with the wind. During WWII, the hotel also functioned as a hospital. Air corpsmen who died while staying here are still roaming the hotel hallways to this day. Some New Jersey online casinos even decided to use it as a theme and have a picture of the Atlantic City Casino building hunted by ghosts in the background.

  1. Tropicana Las Vegas, a Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Several guests at the Tropicana Las Vegas have claimed to have seen ghosts. For many years, the casino hotel was said to be haunted by a spirit imprisoned within an antique tiki mask that stood at the resort’s entryway. Anyone who came into contact with the mask allegedly acquired a terrible purple rash.

Guests who have previously stood in front of the haunting mask claim to have seen a purple miasma emanating from the mask, which frequently blurs any photographs taken. The disguise was eventually removed by management, which sparked even more intriguing conversation among tourists and paranormal enthusiasts.

  1. Bally’s Resort and Casino

Bally’s was built on the site of America’s second-greatest hotel fire, which you may or may not be aware of. Over 80 people died as a result of this disaster. The devastating fire occurred in November 1980. The previous MGM Grand was still in the building at the time.

According to reports, the fire was ignited by defective wiring. Desperate visitors were forced to leap out of their windows to their deaths as the smoke and flames continued to engulf the structure. 

The souls of those who died on that day are thought to remain on the casino resort’s uppermost floors. Strange ghost-like beings have also been seen prowling the North Tower, according to guests.

  1. The Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Luxor is one of Las Vegas’s most easily identifiable structures; aircraft can even see its massive sky lamp. Few people understand, however, that the Luxor has a terrible reputation as one of Las Vegas’ most haunted hotels, and not simply by the spirits of mediocre Yelp reviews when it first opened in 1993.

It has a reputation that stretches back to when it was built. Workers who perished while working on the Great Pyramids of Giza in ancient Egypt were thought to be entombed beneath the steadily growing pyramid’s rocks. 

The Luxor’s Haunting has disturbingly similar origins. When the surrounding walls fell on them, it is estimated that 2 to 7 construction workers were murdered. One of their souls is claimed to still linger in the hotel’s hallways.

It only gets wilder. Several hotel guests have died after jumping from the balconies that line the hotel’s interior atrium. Most did not leave a note and did not appear to have any motives for suicide or a history of suicidality. What happened to cause them to take such a dangerous risk?

  • Mob Participation

Perhaps it’s the dark past hidden under the surface. Mob participation in the casino sector has a long history in Vegas, and mobsters have a habit of “whacking” anybody who comes in their way.

 The body of people who would have been beaten must be disposed of… The future location of the Luxor Hotel & Casino was one of the pieces of land used by mobsters to bury the remains of their victims on a regular basis.

The nickname “holes in the Strip” came to be linked with those unmarked mob-hit graves since there were few hotels and casinos that far south along the Strip.

  1. The Hard Rock Café 

The Hard Rock Café, once known as the Trump Taj Mahal, is one of America’s most haunted casinos. Several guests have claimed to see ghosts in the hotel. Every midnight, one particularly frightening monster is said to stalk the hotel hallways. The ghost is thought to be a past visitor who committed suicide by throwing himself from the building’s 10th story.

There are also reports of an orange-hued ghost with a toupee that walks the arena. Those who have seen this ghost have characterized him as haughty and meaner than the other ghost who haunts the hotel, but this is yet to be substantiated.

Final Thought

We have all heard ghost stories about haunted resorts and casinos since childhood. This list of haunted casinos in America will pique your interest because of the types of paranormal activity that have been reported at these establishments. So, how long are you going to wait? You’ll have a wonderful story to tell if you go on a terrifying trip to one of these haunted casinos.

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