HOLLYWOOD & VAMP, an immersive theatrical show experience like no other was announced today to the excitement of immersive fans everywhere. Set in a sultry bar run by “friendly” vampires, the show plans to thrill guests with mystery, libations, intrigue, and a deadly secret all while thrilling and entertaining as the night goes on.

Theda Bara, the undisputed Queen Vamp of Hollywood has opened her club for business and invited YOU. Promising a safe, yet sexy time, Bera insists that her human staff all be sultry hot, and her vampire children all behave for their human guests. Being horror fans, we kinda hope they don’t. Just sayin’

Ignore the rumors of a torture chamber in the kitchen and nightly ritual killings. Why on Earth would is this just be a feeding ground for vampires? That would be bad for business. Right? Guests get the opportunity to mingle with vampires, some of whom seem friendly, some of whom are less so… but from the very beginning, this bar doesn’t seem as safe as you’ve been led to believe.

You’re invited into the theatre for a show, despite your better judgment, you journey beyond the curtain and find yourself locked in. The music starts and it’s like being front row at on the Strip in the 80s while Guns N Roses and Motley Crue shredded away in tiny clubs and you think to yourself… maybe this isn’t too bad.   But then one vampire attacks someone, then another, before you know it the entire room is in a frenzy of vampires fighting vampires and you’re just caught in the middle. When the sun rises you only hope you can walk out into the warm air and breathe it in, but that’s not guaranteed.

HOLLYWOOD & VAMP, promises to be an immersive theatrical show experience like no other — taking audiences into the unsettling underworld of vampires and depravity, Hollywood Queen Vamp, Theda Bara and her sultry staff welcome you to their bar where vampires and humans co-exist, for now.  Or do they?

A tongue-in-cheek blend of pop culture, Hollywood and Halloween HOLLYWOOD & VAMP will run for FOUR WEEKNIGHTS ONLY – OCTOBER 19 & 20 and OCTOBER 26 & 27.   It features an all-star cast from Rock of Ages Hollywood and veteran immersive theatre performers sharing scenes with each other and the audience in an innovative blending of rock opera and immersive haunt experience.

The show will take place at Hollywood’s popular performance venue, The Bourbon Room, which also serves as home to the hugely popular Rock of Ages show.  From the team that created 2020’s acclaimed “Quaranscream Live,” a blend of live theatre and film, done virtually during the pandemic, 88Twenty Group proudly returns for 2021 with a nearly all-female production to deliver a live in-person show. 

Tickets for HOLLYWOOD & VAMP will sell out (I mean, there are only 4 nights, so…).  More information and tickets are now available online at http://hollywoodandvamp.com or at The Bourbon Room, priced at $75, which includes full access to the show and a specialty cocktail, to get the fun started.  

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Norm(an) Gidney is a nearly lifelong horror fan. Beginning his love for the scare at the age of 5 by watching John Carpenter's Halloween, he set out on a quest to share his passion for all things spooky with the rest of the world.
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