Making a horror movie can be tricky, mainly because a lot of fear stems from the unknown, while normal story progression requires characters to get to the bottom of the mystery. Meaning the whole concept can be counterintuitive at times since during the climax of the movie the characters already know how to stand up to the monsters, and thus the peak of dread comes before the climax part.

However, horror video games are a different story. They take longer and are way more immersive. This makes them significantly scarier experiences compared to horror movies if they are done right. Here we will go over a few horror games that any fan of the genre should try. 

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil is among the longest-running game franchises. Although your in-game character can be a walking arsenal at times the game does a great job at making you tense. There are lots of jump scares, and the design itself is successful at instilling an enormous sense of dread. The new installment of the game Resident Evil Village successfully follows this trend. This is a brand new game so out of all the titles we are listing here this one definitely looks the best, graphics-wise.  

If you are a fan of the franchise you’ve likely already played this release, and if you are not, this is a good opportunity to see what it is all about. It’s a story that you can follow regardless of whether or not you have played the past releases. 

Slender Man

What started as a creepypasta internet meme has become one of the most iconic names in the world of horror video games. Over time Slender Man evolved from being a spooky made-up tale to an absolute legend. There was even a stabbing case where the girl claimed that Slender Man made her do it. There are two video games, a movie, and even some slot games that are themed after Slender Man. The game is all about finding secret notes scattered around the forest, all while trying to elude the ominous monster known as Slender Man.  

Circus of Horror – Slots Game

In case you want to play a horror-themed game without all the tension and creepy moments, then you should try the Circus of Horror slot game. This horror-themed slot is a great pick for Halloween and it does a great job when it comes to symbols design and background music. 

You might also experience some kind of scary moments, like knives stabbing the reels in order to stop them. Finally, the bonus round will take you into the circus where you torture a person strapped to an electric chair to earn bonus points. If you love these horror-themed slots then you should definitely seek out more similar content on online casino sites. You can read the Zodiac casino review to find out what games they have in their selection and what type of player bonuses you can look forward to. Those who enjoy casino games won’t be disappointed.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia kind of started the whole Horror game hype, as it was among the first horror games that were streamed. So there were a lot of video clips going around of streamers just getting scared senselessly from this game. It has an interesting story where you need to discover why the main character has amnesia, all while avoiding weird demonic monsters around your estate. This is what it truly means to be horrified, because often you are hiding in the dark, unable to see what’s going on, and you are completely powerless to fight back. 

Amnesia Rebirth is a continuation of this story, and the new game looks better. Fans also say how developers are not heavily relying on jump scares, which makes it more interesting. It’s a narrative-driven horror that kind of pushes you to pursue the truth in spite of all the horrific obstacles that are in your way. 

Alien: Isolation

When we talk about horror movies one of the titles that immediately comes to mind is Alien. This is an old-school classic that never tried to set up a movie universe or loads of sequels. It aimed to be a great horror movie and it succeeded. Alien Isolation captures that feeling splendidly. 

Unlike previous releases from the Alien franchise, this one is a true horror game. You are isolated on a space station, and there is a monster on board, just like in the original movie. The game is not new by any standards but it still holds up today, and it is one of the most heavily recommended horror games. 


SOMA doesn’t give you the impression that it is a horror game, but after a few minutes, the story takes a rapid turn. You go from a patient in a hospital who is applying for experimental treatment, to a spaceship, years away in the future. So, right from the start, you get this neat mystery that you wish to solve, but you soon find out that you are not alone and that there are weird creatures after you. It has a great Sci-Fi story and it gets really scary at times so definitely try this indie game. 


There are many more horror titles out there and each one of them has its own unique twist. However, they all follow a similar formula where you need to play from the first person. This makes the whole experience more immersive and you get to feel like those things are happening to you. We will likely have an even more amazing horror selection as VR technology evolves. We definitely know one thing the more personal it feels the scarier it gets and that’s why movies cannot really hold a candle to these games. 

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