Outbreak: Endless Nightmares developer Dead Drop Studios has a small hit on its hands with almost three times more sales at launch than any Outbreak titles in the past.


Furthermore – and thanks to the community – the studio was able to overhaul all major game systems immediately after launch, making Outbreak: Endless Nightmares the most polished Outbreak title yet. 


Updates pave the terrain for expansions Susurrations of the Nexus and Vivification of the Apocalypse – due Winter and Spring 2022. If you played the game at launch, you should take another look!


Outbreak: Endless Nightmares now features revamped 1st and 3rd person views that feature free look, strafing, precision aiming, and more – a welcome addition for those used to aiming with the right analog stick. Performance optimizations were conducted across the board—drastically improving loading times on current-gen consoles (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) and also delivering silky-smooth frame rates on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Finally, visual and sound effects are now more punchy and realistic—fully delivering the operatic carnage the Outbreak series is known for.


Fans of the series can now pre-order a special physical edition containing the first five Outbreak titles from Limited Run Games! The bundle contains the PS4 versions of Outbreak: Epidemic, Outbreak: Lost Hope, Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, Outbreak: The New Nightmare, and the original Outbreak. (All games also run on PS5.) It’s the perfect opportunity to own a little piece of indie survival horror history—and hopefully lead to other console platforms in the future.


  • Every single improvement was driven by community feedback.
  • First- and third-person views now feature free look, strafing, and precision aiming.
  • First-person mode now also allows players to better see both weapon and player models during gameplay.
  • Frame rates, load times, and visual fidelity improved across all supported platforms.
  • Gameplay balancing (including combat, puzzles, UI, controls and more) adjusted based on community suggestions.
  • VFX updated to deliver more realistic gore and explosions.
  • Significant improvements to co-op gameplay—including balancing, bug fixes and much, much more!


About the Author: Devon Tichenor

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