What if the best day of your life suddenly became the worst? And what if that worst day – the one you’d want to force from your memory and forget forever – became the day you relived over and over again? Bobby (Michael Reed) is faced with a terrifying “Groundhog Day” in 6:45. What starts as a chance for Bobby and Jules (Augie Duke) to make up after they’ve had a terrible fight turns into a horrible nightmare as their quiet weekend away becomes their tragic end. 

A mysterious, quiet oceanside town, filled with odd characters, is the setting for Bobby and Jules’ love story, and the beginning of the end for their relationship, and their lives. When the alarm goes off at 6:45 the first morning in the little bed and breakfast, run by strange and nosy Gene (Armen Garo), Bobby starts out annoyed but tries to make the best of the day. Small annoyances and mysteries snowball into the unthinkable – Jules’ throat is cut, right in front of him, and his neck is snapped. Then, he wakes up at 6:45. Again.

As Bobby fights the inevitable timeline of the day, day after day, he tries everything he can to stop the horror in its tracks. Blindly naive Jules never knows what’s coming – and that alone drives Bobby to the brink.

At its core, 6:45 is a psychological thriller, with a touch of crime drama, and lots of chemistry and romance. Duke and Reed have undeniable sexuality, and sexual chemistry. They play off of each other, in the truest sense. Duke’s playfulness is a perfect foil to Reed’s dark, brooding angst. While their love for each other practically jumps from the screen, there’s also a deeply layered backstory – and a lot of baggage – hidden just beneath the surface. Subtly written, 6:45 will keep you guessing to the bitter end.

Strong performances from both the ensemble and the leads help bring the subtle changes and nuances of this wash-rinse-repeat cycle into stark contrast. Duke in particular is a stalwart reality check to Reed’s slipping mental wellness, as he is shocked to hear her repeat the same words day after day. Since his actions change, so too must her deliveries. The subtleties and heart of her performance are mind blowing, and equally matched by the vulnerability and visceral truth of his. They truly play perfectly off of each other – and are duly supported – almost cradled – by the supporting cast.

Playing with the concept of time is not a simple task, but 6:45 does so with gusto and finesse. Throwing in the difficult task of attacking mental health issues and real life relationship difficulties is enough to make most writers’ heads spin, but writer Robert Dean Klein has triumphed, and triumphed with flair. Delicately directed and edited, this complicated script becomes a journey worth exploring, with little surprises around every corner.

9 out of 10


Runtime: 1 Hr. 35 Mins.
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