Tim Cassidy is a filmmaker who wants to expose what he thinks is a real estate conspiracy in Chicago. As he continues to investigate for the story, he becomes obsessed with putting together all the clues that may or may not be there.

Runrainbow is an experimental horror short, and it takes that moniker to heart. At a brisk 9 minutes, it tries to show as much of the story as possible. By utilizing more abstract techniques to convey moments of Tim’s subconscious as well as other ambiguous scenes. This does come at a cost though, while the story is ambitious, the short runtime mixed with fast pace create an experience that would have benefited from an extra 10 to 20 minutes.

The acting is generally great, though most of the cast only have a very brief time to leave an impression. The exception to this being Tim Cassidy (Casey Chapman) and Beth Cassidy (Kristin Anderson). Both can use their limited screen time to showcase their respective talents admirably. Casey, the filmmaker who is falling further and further down the rabbit hole. And Kristin, his wife, while concerned and supportive, she still needs to worry about their future.

Runrainbow isn’t a bad short at all. With interesting camera work and an intriguing premise, you won’t be left with a bad taste in your mouth. I was left conflicted once the credits rolled. While I was impressed with the amount the crew was able to do with such a small amount of time, I was also disappointed by the lack of momentum with the plot. Ultimately, you’ll just wish there was more of it.


7 out of 10



RunRainbow – Trailer from Soft Cage Films on Vimeo.

Runtime: 9 Mins.
Directed By:
David A. Holcombe
Written By:
David A. Holcombe

About the Author: Nate Stephenson

Nate Stephenson is a northern California native. His love horror and being scared runs deep. Gaming with his pups is where you'll find him on his downtime.
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