The Winchester Mystery House has announced a special summer event that is sure to be a thrill! This infamous home will host an escape room themed around Harry Houdini’s visit to the bizarre mansion in October of 1924. Houdini’s Spirited Escape is a 30-minute challenging escape room experience that takes place inside Sarah Winchester’s legendarily confusing home!

Participants can expect to be greeted by Harry Houdini’s spirit, and then be tasked with working together to help reconnect him with his beloved wife, Bess Houdini.  The storyline is especially unique to this experience since it builds on the story of Houdini’s visit to the mansion almost 100 years ago. At the time, Houdini was on an eight-week debunking tour of spiritualism and mediums.  But after spending the evening in the mysterious mansion, he left with more questions than answers.

“We are pleased to welcome Harry Houdini back to the estate, 97 years after his first well-documented visit. Houdini’s Spirited Escape is the perfect pre or post-tour experience, and we expect it’ll be a big hit with groups looking for an exciting challenge”, said Walter Magnuson, General Manager of Winchester Mystery House.


In addition to Houdini’s Spirited Escape, Winchester Mystery House has reopened both the popular guided Mansion Tour and the Explore More Tour. The famous home will also again host the immensely popular Friday the 13th Flashlight Tour on Friday August 13, 2021. After exploring the grounds with a tour, guests can enjoy axe throwing at the Stables, Sarah Winchester’s Garden Tour, and a themed shooting gallery – Sarah’s Attic. There’s something for everyone on these peculiar grounds!

Houdini’s Spirited Escape was produced in partnership with Paradox Productions of Tupelo, MO and features state-of-the-art escape/challenge room technology. Houdini’s Spirited Escape is located at Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, and is open to the public from now until August 1, 2021 Friday through Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm. Tickets are $19.99 a person and can be purchased on the Winchester Mystery House website!



About the Author: Lindsey Ungerman