The official poster and trailer for the psychological thriller A Dark Foe has dropped! The film marks the feature directorial debut for young director, Maria Gabriela Cardenas, who has the opportunity to direct her father, Oscar Cardenas in the film. This father-daughter duo has worked on this passion project for several years and it is finally creeping its way to the light!


A Dark Foe Poster

Synopsis: A guilt-ridden FBI agent, stranded in the painful memory of the abduction of his sister, suffers from a rare condition known as Nyctophobia, an irrational fear of the dark, and will have to face-off with the cunning serial killer who took her away.

The trailer looks like your standard tortured detective dealing with personal issues as they take on a huge case that has personal ties. This makes sense since director Maria Gabriela Cardenas is a big fan of the noir and thriller genres. A Dark Foe seems to fully embrace these genres and could be a total thrill ride. Some of the dialogue appears to be a bit stiff and it is clear some scenes will be better than others, but as a whole A Dark Foe has promise!

Written and directed by Maria Gabriela Cardenas, A Dark Foe stars Oscar Cardenas (The Grand Guignol), Kenzie Dalton (NCIS), Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing), Graham Greene (The Green Mile, Dances with Wolves), Bill Bellamy (The Bounce Back), Glen Morshower (Transformers: The Last Knight), and Jon Lindstrom (Bosch, General Hospital, NCIS: Los Angeles). A Dark Foe will be available On Demand everywhere on July 30th.

About the Author: Lindsey Ungerman