Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires…oh my! These classic creatures are a staple in horror storytelling. Their ever-present nature in the genre creates a challenge for filmmakers to come up with something new and different. Director Wesley Mellot has done so successfully with the infamous vampire in the form of the short film Elysia. Simple yet dark and gripping, Elysia has quite the bite!

Partners Molly () and Elysia (Rachel Donahue) are more than just your average couple. Molly is a vampire, and Elysia is….well….not. Things take a hairy turn for the worse when Molly makes a request Elysia cannot fulfill. Molly takes things into her own hands (or fangs) and now there’s trouble in this bloody paradise. 

Firstly, I want to mention the small but mighty cast. Each actor delivered an outstanding performance and played an integral role in bringing the story to life. Rachel Donahue delighted as the title character Elysia. Donahue had excellent timing, made strong choices, and overall gave a devilishly dynamic performance. Chloe Carrol found victory in the vicious vamp Molly. Molly is a delicate character, balancing being a mom, a partner, and a creature of the night. Carrol uses her skills to make sure all of these parts of Molly are represented, giving her a tortured and complicated nature that was hypnotic to watch. 

The cinematography was notably eye-catching. Moments of rich color (such as the vibrant blood red of Molly and Elysia’s bedroom) juxtaposed with a more muted palette (such as the softened blue seen in the couple’s garage during a tense conversation) made for a visual ballet, spinning you every which way and keeping your interest. 

The storyline in Elysia is solid. This is more than just a fang bang flick. There is depth, complexity, conflict, tragedy, and love. Not just the sticky kind of love, but real compassionate love. To accomplish so much in such a short amount of time (10 minutes to be exact) is a testament to the talent of director Wesley Mellot and the writing team. 

The music in Elysia is atmospheric and eerie. Adrian Gueze does an excellent job of creating an auditory backdrop for the film that evokes a sense of dread…and rightfully so! Overall, Elysia is a triumph for short films. It has everything: a phenomenal cast, a good story, killer lighting, lots of conflict, and a sprinkle of blood. Check out the film now at the link below! 


8 out of 10


Runtime: 10 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:


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