If you like the recently ended TV series The Good Place and the classic film Ghost, then you might like something that feels similar without the analogies of ethics, morals and philosophy. Here After gives us a view into what the afterlife could be like and how awful it is for those that die alone without meeting their “soulmates” because, apparently, it’s unforgiveable to die single.

Michael (Andy Karl) dies in a car accident but is sent back to Earth to find a soulmate or he won’t be able to cross to the other side. Once back on Earth, a simple mission becomes a complicated task due to Michael’s egotistical and desperate attempts to get over it move on. But once he finally finds someone that could help him with his afterlife mission, Michael rethinks about his choices in life and the what ifs for an impossible future. Can Michael get a second chance to redo his life?

Here After is funny and intellectual but, at the same time, it’s also a tedious movie— it’s too long for how little it wants to say, with a bit of a fast-paced story span it could be better enjoyed. There are unnecessary scenes in which we see Michael interact in different environments without dialogue that do not add value to the development of the story. For some this might be developmentally beneficial, but it actually feels more like filler material like the long and mindless walks through the streets of New York and endless monologues from the main character. The only crucial moments come when Michael revisits people from his past to change his perspective on life and reduce his ego to achieve his goal.

The film somehow outstanding for the message it wants to deliver. It has so many details that if you do not pay attention to what is happening in the background, you can miss clues that help give depth to the story. Many of the details are quite entertaining and can make you smile because of the irony it represents, but at the same time many details are lost due to errors in editing that possibly translate better as production oversights.

Here After is a tedious product, but well structured. With a phenomenal cast that manages to convey the emotions of the characters through words instead of action, this might not be a film for all types of audiences due to the lack of action during the first hour of the film, but it is recommended to wait until the end to see a plot introduced last minute that is worth it.




Here After
Runtime: 2 Hrs. 6 Mins.
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