Horror is one of the fastest-growing video game genres and after reading a number of the top titles, it is not hard to see why. Production companies are continually innovating and trying to come out with the next big thing in the horror genre. This means the genre sees a huge outpouring of creativity each year and the best games produced inevitably rise to the top.

While there are dozens of amazing horror-themed games to choose from, there are nonetheless a few that are considered to be the top games available now. Below are a few of the best horror-themed games that you can play today.


Although this game might not immediately strike you as a horror-themed game, it is filled with the type of nail-biting tension that draws many fans to the horror genre in the first place. Returnal plays with themes of cosmic horror, dread and uncertainty, and is filled with reference to Lovecraft. If you love monsters, otherworldly ruins and absolute terror, this is the right game for you.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Japanese horror became internationally renowned with the release of films such as The Ring, The Audition, and Ju-on. The Fatal Frame series has always managed to capture the eerie horror that characterizes the classic Japanese horror genre, and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is no different.

Crimson Butterfly provides an update to the graphics of the first game and it is quite a difficult game. However, it manages to generate a feeling of terror and dread within a difficult game that is steeped in a complex plot.

A new genre of gaming

Another genre or gaming platform that you might not have previously considered is that of online gambling and betting. It will likely surprise you, but there are actually many different horror-themed slots available for gamblers. Online casinos have become immensely popular over the course of the last 10 years and market analysts are predicting that the online gambling industry will continue its upward trajectory.

One of the most popular horror-themed slot games available now is Lost Vegas. In this iconic slot game, you can choose to play with reels that feature either zombies or human beings. As you spin the slots, you can also try to unlock different bonus games and hidden features, such as the Zombie Fist of Cash and Blackout Bonus.

An absolute classic of the genre is the Blood Suckers franchise of slots. Both the first and second iteration of Blood Suckers are extremely popular and good quality games. This vampire-themed slot game was developed by NetEnt, a giant in the industry, and is extremely good fun. The game also has a reputation for being friendly to players and many casinos even reportedly exclude it from the list of games that qualify gamblers to complete a bonus wagering requirement.

Other games that receive honorable mentions are Dracula from NetEnt, Full Moon Fortunes, Wicked Circus and Halloween.


This is the ideal game for individuals who loved the film MidSommar and who enjoy a bit of Scandi horror. Mundaun centers around the death of your character’s grandfather and the resulting release of an ancient family curse into your sepia-toned Swiss village.

The creepy graphics of the film are enough to inspire a strange uneasiness and although some of the puzzles and goals of the game are a bit disorganized and confusing, it ultimately works as an indie horror game you will not soon forget.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake differs from the other horror games listed in this article. Unlike many of the other games, Alan Wake does not feature any jump scares or gotcha moments, and it does not focus on gore or excessive violence. Altogether, it is not actually all that scary a game.

That being said, the ambience that the game creates, and the sense of character, is fantastic and well worth giving the game a try. The premise is that a little mountain town has a terrible secret that slowly unfolds throughout the course of the game. If you enjoyed Twin Peaks, you will certainly appreciate this game.


This is another cosmic horror game that is capable of making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It is a fairly straightforward first-person shooter game involving aliens, but the game is complicated and given a significant amount of depth when you need to not only kill aliens but also protect other individuals on the space ship.

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