Left Alone in the Snow is a fun short film that proves that isolating yourself in the woods is never a good idea. Despite some small challenges, the film is entertaining from start to finish and is proof that with a little creativity, budget and resources aren’t limiting factors for the creation of a quality film.

Left Alone in the Snow follows Lilly (Chelsea Newman) as she waits out a snowstorm in her isolated cabin. What was supposed to be a writing haven turns into a personal hell as her neighbor Teddy (Rickey Bird Jr.) relentlessly stalks her. With the help of her neighbor Frank (D.T. Carney), she thinks her troubles are over. But Lilly’s troubles are just beginning…

Left Alone in the Snow is a clever short film filmed during COVID and involved only a handful of cast and crew. Any filmmaker willing to get creative and “make it work” during the pandemic should be applauded for their innovation. From that innovation, writer/director/editor Rickey Bird Jr. produced a clever and entertaining piece. It’s Home Alone meets Ready or Not and I definitely enjoyed it. The pacing was spot on and there was never a dull moment, which made up for the film’s predictability. 

The cast is small but mighty. Newman, Bird Jr., and Carney are all at home in their respective roles. Each brings unique and necessary components and without such a strong cast, the film could have easily become unimpressive. But thankfully, the cast brought their A-game and produced something to be proud of.

The cinematography deserves mention. The snowy scenery and remote location were both beautiful and haunting simultaneously. This was the perfect backdrop for Left Alone in the Snow, and Bird Jr. makes the best possible use of the environment to enhance the story. 

My biggest issue was the audio. The dialogue in Lilly’s house was tinny and occasionally difficult to decipher. Some key dialogue gets lost and is muddied and dampens what could be a showstopper sequence. 

Overall Left Alone in the Snow was a spine-tingling good time. It isn’t a brand new story, but it’s 15 minutes of bloody good fun. The film is available to rent on Vimeo. 


7 out of 10

Left Alone in the Snow
Runtime: 15 Mins.
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