Posies is a film with such a strong concept I’m actually thankful it’s not a full length film. There are times in the film world where we don’t need a full run time to get the idea of something that is so stunning it goes beyond description.

In a society where people are slowly devolving into inhuman monsters, beautiful Maddy (Anna Diop) tries to stop her transformation in its tracks. Tucking flower petals under her changing skin as she pushes the world away – even the man she loves – Maddy is losing a battle against the ravages of this mysterious metamorphosis.

Posies has a gorgeous, rich, otherworldly glow from the very first frame of film. Luxurious and lush colors and textures on Maddy’s meticulously art directed vanity set us up to be in quietly stunned awe as we go from watching a lovely woman prepare herself for a night out to the shocking body horror of watching her remove flower petals from beneath her skin. As she delicately plucks each flower out from her flesh I was shocked by the combination of gorgeous and grotesque. I almost felt ashamed to watch – like it was a private moment we had been granted access to. The vulnerability in Diop’s performance drove those feelings home.

In a strange way, just the opening sequence, of Maddy preparing to go out, is enough for this concept to soar. Each additional moment- even though it is impeccably acted by the tiny cast – almost detracts from that first perfect moment. Thankfully, the final sequence of the film brings us back to center and provides a poignant ending with staying power – one of those that will stick with me for a long time.

Tom Waits said, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” Posies embodies something beautiful, sharing tragic horror. A gorgeous, shocking tale from start to finish. Give it a try at the link below!


8 out of 10


Runtime:14 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:


About the Author: Miranda Riddle

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