During the Future Games Show at E3 Expo 2021, indie publishing house United Label announced their newest pixel art, souls-like boss rush, Eldest Souls. Set for release on Thursday, July 29th, 2021, on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.



Developed by Fallen Flag Studios, Eldest Souls is a painstakingly difficult boss-rush game with heavy focus on fast-paced combat. Essentially, players assume the role of a lone warrior, responsible for finding the Old Gods who have released a great Desolation upon the entire world. And such as in a game of this type, players must achieve one goal above all else: Slay them all. 


Each Old God presents itself as a boss to the player, all including a unique and painful challenge. The reward upon defeat, however, comes in the way of new powers and abilities, allowing players to build their character up in a way that suits their playstyle. 


Some key features of Eldest Souls include the following:


  • Battle your way through a series of uniquely challenging Boss-Rush combat encounters
  • Discover a cast of intriguing NPCs and questlines as you explore the ancient Citadel
  • Unearth the mystery of the Old Gods, before total devastation befalls the World
  • Bask in the glorious pixel-perfect graphic style, dripping in gorgeous attention-to-detail 
  • Your Build. Your Rules. Customize your own combat style from a multitude of ability combinations

This fully animated trailer shows no gameplay, but does an absolutely beautiful job of narrating the story we can expect to see in the game. With a dedicated group of fans so excited for this to release, and the group only growing, the trailer definitely does itself a favor by bringing in people who have yet to hear about it, undoubtedly making a fan out of them.

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