NACON, Cyanide Studio and Leikir Studio have unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming roguelike, Rogue Lords. In a unique take on the genre, cheating is actually encouraged! 

In Rogue Lords, you play as the devil himself, who was defeated by demon hunters several years before the game takes place. By your side, you have nine evil geniuses who have signed a pact with you, and are considered your disciples. In order to regain your lost power, your disciples are responsible for seeking out legendary artefacts. 

When players take the role of the devil, they gain the ability to influence and transform reality by sacrificing some of their Diabolic Essence. By playing by different rules than the enemies, this turn-based roguelike causes players to think strategically in order to advance. If all of your Diabolic Essence is used up, your run will end. 

Players can manipulate the health bars of both their disciples and enemies, and can also steal buffs and return debuffs through interactive events. However, the chances of success depend entirely on any actions required and the current skills of the disciples. If luck is unkind to the players, just switch into the Devil Mode to boost chances of success. 

As players fight through demon hunters galore, vile paragons of virtue will continuously stand in your way. Throughout combat, there are always a wide variety of strategies players can enact, whether that be using your essence to fill up your disciples’ health bars, simply allowing their death, or stealing buffs from their opponents. 

The map is also randomly generated with every new run, meaning players will constantly be offered several differing paths. Different paths trigger different interactive events, so the choice is entirely up to the player. Though in a game where cheating is encouraged, the devil can choose to sacrifice some essence to take secret paths. 

The game will be available sometime in 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Stay tuned to HorrorBuzz as Rogue Lords will be back soon with more information.

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