Day two of 2021’s E3 Expo has officially kicked off! Today, June 13th, Xbox and Bethesda presented their Games Showcase, displaying an impressive lineup of upcoming games for 2021 and 2022 – including Somerville.

Coming from independent game studio Jumpship, this new sci-fi adventure will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and most excitedly, will be available on the Xbox Game Pass coming 2022.



Somerville will be serving as Jumpship’s debut title, found on an original IP by Chris Olsen, and also built in collaboration with Dino Patti, ex-CEO and co-founder of Playdead.

Set in a rural landscape, spanning for what looks like miles and miles, players are immersed into a massive wave of catastrophe, and will be responsible for exploring and navigating through dangerous terrain as they “unravel the mysteries of Earth’s visitors.”

The atmosphere and artstyle almost reminded me of Telltale Games originally. A cartoon, almost comic-like style, but as the trailer continued, and we see the world delve into chaos, we start to see more of a unique take. I’m definitely excited to see some more gameplay as the release date comes closer. 

The environment looks moody, eerie, and already almost heartbreaking; especially because in the beginning of the trailer, we see the typical family of four joined together on the couch, and towards the end, we see the apparent wife and child gather around the [presumed] father and husband as he’s seemingly unconscious on the ground. 


While a set release date has not been revealed yet, that means we still have at least several months of waiting. HorrorBuzz will definitely continue to update with more information as it comes out, but as of right now, Somerville is definitely on our watchlist!


Source: Xbox Wire 


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