The word “Disney” tends to bring a multitude of thoughts and feelings to one’s mind.  From nostalgia to excitement, and from greed to even anger, Disney seems to hold quite the reputation. Twin Knife Productions and Unstable Nightmare People’s comedic experience, FUCK THE MOUSE (FTM), proved to be a jocular jaunt that built a solid community in the midst of their anti-mouse antics.

Both Twin Knife Productions and Unstable Nightmare People boast incredible previous escapades. Twin Knives’ Lovelocked and Don’t Go to School Tomorrow and Unstable Nightmare People’s I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore proved to be standout productions. When I heard that these two groups were working together on an experience, I knew I had to see it.

FTM is the first collaborative experience between Twin Knife Productions and Unstable Nightmare People. FTM was a week-long show that occurred on Discord and Instagram. Essentially, the audience was tasked with creating images and memes as the story progressed. Throughout the show, there were moments of humor, story progression, and community that corresponded well together. Since story progression took place over Discord, it was a bit difficult to follow at times due to the group chat dynamic and real-life obligations; however, I was able to scroll up to pick up where I left off. I really enjoyed the spirited characters who each had unapologetic, yet lovable personalities. Their unfiltered words of wisdom felt oddly relatable and really drove the experience.

Images, videos, and stories were shared between the characters and the audience, which effectively resembled a meme group chat between friends. The media creation aspect allowed for an element of creativity, but at times became a bit tedious. I did download 6 apps in order to help create my visions, but I was able to fall into a solid routine with a couple of those apps.

The storytelling method and tedious tasks hindered my ability to completely immerse myself in this realm. My favorite aspects of FTM were the characters, the media presented to us, and the community that was built from these interactions. These components interacted well with each other and helped to create a more enjoyable experience.

Overall, FTM built a supportive community in less than a week, which is astounding. The creativity between Twin Knives and Unstable Nightmare People flows like a rushing river, and always leaves me impressed. This experience was $75, which is on the higher range for a show. Regardless, I am excited to watch Twin Knife Productions and Unstable Nightmare People grow and continue to create.

For more information, visit Twin Knife Productions and Unstable Nightmare People.

About the Author: Linnea Swanson

Linnea Swanson enjoys writing about things that scare her. When not writing, she enjoys reading and screaming into the void.