One of the biggest announcements during today’s E3 presentations came at the end of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase – from Arkane Austin, the award-winning team that created Prey and Dishonored now comes Redfall, an open-world FPS set to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in Summer 2022.


Players who have the Xbox Game Pass will be able to play it day one through the pass!


Synopsis: Redfall is a co-op FPS set in the titular town of Redfall, Massachusetts. However, this quaint island town is under attack by vampires who have cut the island off from the rest of the outside world. On top of that, these vampires aren’t reminiscent of the stereotypical Dracula you might see – they are the product of a failed scientific experiment, and have continued to thrive and grow into more menacing enemies. 


Players will be trapped with three other survivors – this is where the co-op comes in, as players will be able to team up with each other to face the impending threat. There are four survivors in total to choose from, each with their own skills and loadouts, allowing players to pick and choose to determine strategies. 



The trailer is almost five minutes long and entirely cinematic, not giving away too much information about the game itself. It also seems a little reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, in the way that intense combat and tragedy is everywhere, and the four heroes are still able to trade in witty banter.

While the cinematics look amazing and this take on vampires is certainly intriguing, I’ll be saving all expectations for when we see some actual gameplay. Seeing as this is the same team that created Dishonored, I can’t help but have high expectations. 


HorrorBuzz will continue to update as the months go on and we can expect more information. 


Source: Bethesda

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