In a rare, but much needed shift in film, Dreamer’s Journey focuses on trauma and abuse experienced by men. Sexual abuse and exploitation against men and boys is too often ignored – not just in film but in all types of media. Dreamer’s Journey focuses a mindful and conscious eye on the lifelong pain and suffering of those who have been abused, particularly as children, and how that suffering aches throughout their whole lives. 

Sleep paralysis – lucid dreams – repressed traumas – lost memories. Daniel (Kitu Turcas) is drowning in a sea of agony, his sleep is riddled with blow by blow playback of his worst fears. Daniel comes face to face with his young self, as he is a horrified, paralyzed witness to his own abuse. Slipping reality pulls the ground out beneath Daniel’s feet- more like quick sand than concrete – quickly and with more ferocity with each night of lost sleep. Shocking, frightening images flash before Daniel’s eyes as he grapples with his sanity – how much of this is his past returning to haunt him – and how much is his grip on reality loosening?

I once heard therapy described as going back to rescue your young self from whatever horrors were done to you. Dreamer’s Journey gives Daniel that opportunity – but the darkness nearly swallows him alive. Dark images and profound memories give Daniel – and us – such severe emotional whiplash it’s almost unbearable. The narrative runs 18 minutes or so long – and encapsulates everything and nothing all at once. Dreamer’s Journey is an experience – and one you have to take in wide awake, with all of your senses.


7 out of 10


Dreamer’s Journey
Runtime:18 Mins.
Directed By:
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About the Author: Miranda Riddle

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