If horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that children suddenly forming relationships with “imaginary friends” in their new home ALWAYS means trouble. And the trouble is definitely brewing for Fredrik and Shirin as they find out their boy’s imaginary friend isn’t so imaginary. Magnet Releasing has announced the official trailer and poster for the supernatural horror film The Evil Next Door so you can get a taste of the terror before the film’s June release!

Evil Next Door Poster

Synopsis: New to her stepmom role Shirin moves into a duplex with her partner, Fredrik, and his son, Lucas. The new home feels like the right place to start becoming a family. But when Fredrik leaves for work, strange things are heard from the other, uninhabited side. Also, who is Lucas’ new friend?

The setup for this film is about as standard as it gets. A family undergoing a complicated circumstance seeks a new home as a fresh start, only to find out their problems were just beginning. This is by no means a new idea but The Evil Next Door is very visually pleasing and the music created a great deal of tension. The small snippets we get of the mysterious little boy are perfect bite-sized morsels of terror that reel you in.

The Evil Next Door was written and directed by Oskar Mellender and Tord Danielsson and stars Dilan Gwyn and Eddie Eriksson Dominguez. The film will be available in select theaters and on-demand streaming platforms on June 25, 2021.

About the Author: Lindsey Ungerman