This past year, Keen Software House proudly celebrated the seventh anniversary of Space Engineers, an open-world sandbox game focused on creativity and exploration. 

Now, the creators are excited to announce a whole Year of War for Space Engineers, packed to the brim with war related additions. The major Warfare 1 update and DLC made its live debut back in April, but with Keen Software House’s focus on combat and creating skirmishes, players can expect there will be plenty more to come in order to make this game a truly action-packed reality. 

The Warfare 1 update added a ton of useful features and tweaks such as:


  • Refined Combat – Damage, hit, & enemy indicators along with improved recoil and reload animations.
  • New Weapons – Get the drop on rival engineers with a set of new pistols and rocket launchers.
  • Extended PVP – New settings for multiplayer servers and exciting Uranium Heist PVP scenario to test them in

But the Year of War continues, adding in further content to improve combat and futuristic fortifications.

Space Engineers gives players the chance to fully embrace engineering, construction, exploration, and survival in space, including on foreign alien planets. Across both a creative and a survival mode, players can build spaceships, wheeled vehicles, stations and outposts, and so much more – the limit truly does not exist. This unique sandbox game also features a realistic, volumetric-based physics engine: everything in the game can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. 

With such a wide variety of gameplay opportunities, players can expect to put in tons of playtime, in whichever way suits them best. If you’re ready to build, utilize and explore whatever your heart may desire, Space Engineers is available now for $19.99 on Steam and Xbox One. 

You can also pick up the Ultimate Edition which includes all the decorative blocks and cosmetic items released both in 2019 and 2020.


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