The developers over at Celestial Gold Studios are ecstatic to announce that their upcoming brawler Kung Fu Jesus is launching tomorrow, May 27th! This mind-bending 2.5D fighting game will be available on Steam tomorrow for a 15% discount, leaving it for purchase at $12.74. On June 3rd, the game will return to its original retail price of $14.99. 

Celestial Gold Studios is also planning to release Kung Fu Jesus on both current and next-gen consoles in the future. More updates will be provided once HorrorBuzz hears the word!

Kung Fu Jesus is described as a story-driven RPG “beat’em up” that leads players throughout a journey of the mind of a “madman” dealing with a deteriorating mental state due to schizophrenia. He learns throughout his journey that his reality is everything he has read about and more, rather than the conspiracy, myth and legend he once thought was. 

Some key features of Kung Fu Jesus include the following:

  • Fight your way to the truth – beat ’em up-style.
  • Pick up and use various weapons throughout the game.
  • Experience reality from Kung Fu Jesus’ point-of view through a story-driven campaign.
  • Try your hand at several mini-games.
  • Unlock powerful combos and special attacks.
  • Level up your character.
  • Uncover 3 different endings!

A full playthrough can apparently take upwards of 60 hours to complete, giving plenty of opportunity to unlock a wide variety of combos, special abilities, and exploration of the three intertwining story paths. 

Specifically, there are five reasons why players will be especially interested in Kung Fu Jesus:

  1. Psychedelic visuals and gameplay/level variety are second to none.
  2. Unlike most brawlers, combos (which include grappling) are preferred over mindless punching and kicking.
  3. You can experience all three main story arcs if you make different choices during your playthrough(s).
  4. Mini-games and side missions are all unique to each arc and tie back to the core storyline.
  5. A full playthrough of Kung Fu Jesus can take upwards of 60 hours (!)

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