Layers of Fear 2, the new sequel to the fan-favorite psychological horror phenomenon by Bloober Team, has officially launched for the Nintendo Switch! In celebration of the game’s premiere on this platform, a new live-action launch trailer has dropped, as well as a special 10% launch discount, available only through the Nintendo eShop through May 31st. 

On top of all of this exciting news, owners of Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear: Legacy and/or Observer on the Nintendo Switch can also purchase the game at a 20% discount.  In order to receive this discount, Layers of Fear 2 must be purchased through the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, and it will automatically detect if one of the previously mentioned games is in the purchaser’s library, and will apply the 20% discount. 

An important note, however: The 10% discount and the 20% discount cannot be combined. 

Developed by Bloober Team, recently best known for The Medium and Observer: System Redux, and co-developed by Dreamloop Games, Layers of Fear 2 is priced on the Nintendo Switch at $29.99, and is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

This sequel places players in the shoes of a Hollywood actor aboard an ocean liner. Floating along with the terror at sea, and an eccentric, mysterious director (voiced by Tony Todd), shooting his new film starring the player in the lead role. 

This new trailer is a creepy live-action short, showing a young woman playing the game on the Switch, along with new gameplay footage. Mannequin-filled with eerie plastic silhouettes lurking in the shadows, the trailer gives the best peak at what horrors hide around the corners in the game that we’ve seen yet. 

Keep an eye out soon for HorrorBuzz’s upcoming review of Layers of Fear 2 on the Nintendo Switch! This terrifying trailer has certainly hyped us all up for this next psychological horror chapter.

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