How to write the perfect horror movie even if you haven’t written anything more difficult than an essay in high school before? Oh, it’s very simple as to bet in-play Ghana. You just need to follow the advice of classics like King, Lovecraft, or Clive Barker.

Read the guide with which you can sketch out a brilliant, heartbreaking story in one sleepless night.

What Can Howard Lovecraft Teach Us?

The best and most underestimated feature of Lovecraft’s writings is not the atmosphere of irrational horror or the ruthlessness of the cold universe, but Howard’s delightful immediacy. The great author wanted to spit on conventions, especially social ones.

Some homeless person who has fallen out of the doorway can give out something like this: “The hidden star Ophir has descended its rays, awakening in our brains the departments that have been dormant since the creation of the wicked codes of Hammurabi. Hittite theurgists predicted this even in the days of the “Mahabharata”. Oh, woe to us who disobeyed the Gnostic advice of Hermes Trismegistus! ” And this is not some drunken magician or philosopher, it’s just a drunk who Knows Everything. Why? Because Lovecraft wanted to bring you up to date without any preludes. And it’s gorgeous and funny at the same time.

What Can Clive Barker Teach Us?

Clive Barker, an author of “Hellraiser” and “The Books of Blood”, is called the Lovecraft of our time. Obviously, we mean the level of influence and skill, but it is difficult to find two more dissimilar horror creators. Howard Lovecraft never touched on sexual topics and generally avoided the carnal side. Barker loves to insert dirty sex and genitals into horrors. Lovecraft avoided drugs, Barker never got off of them, it seems, never.

What Can Stephen King Teach Us?

The horror king Stephen King is known not only for his phenomenal workability but also for the fact that he tries not to bother looking for a location for his next novel.

Usually, all the horror takes place in Derry, in Castle Rock, or in Maine, where these fictional towns are located. If you imagine everything that ever happened in this branch of Hell on Earth, you involuntarily ask yourself: why the hell is there anyone else living there. 

Likewise, King doesn’t like to bother with characters. No, they are not often repeated in books, but most of them have very similar types. A writer in creative agony, an alcoholic in a string, a religious obscurantist, and so on, and so on. King describes each of them in some detail, so in the books, they do not seem so clichéd. 

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