An ignored and neglected little boy (Joseph JoJo Martinez) is looking for something – anything to add a little fun to his life. There’s no ice cream left in the freezer, and mom says he can’t have a treat before dinner. Booo-ring. What’s he gonna do to fill the time, especially when no one is paying any attention to him? Suddenly, the TV turns on and shows him exactly what he craves – a fun, fantastic ice cream truck – driven and managed by a happy looking clown. Lo and behold, the ice cream truck pulls up outside, almost like magic. Finally, a little bit of fun and a little sweet treat to end his night. Or, so he thinks.

Delicious mystery shrouds every minute of this short film – exactly as it should be. There’s only one big “reveal” and it’s momentary and startling and exactly perfect. I know many would push for more – a series, or a feature – to reveal the secrets of this mysterious ice cream man and tell the rest of the story. For me, however, this is everything a horror short should be – intriguing, frightening, and suspenseful to the last drop – or drip.

Simple, wonderful horror and a brilliant child actor make a tasty treat in We All Scream. Iconic imagery, wonderful art direction and aesthetic, and simple, spook-filled scares are a perfect recipe for a lasting, future classic. Cult following, cosplay, and fan-fiction lore are sure to follow. I can’t wait to see the future that waits for We All Scream (besides you giving it a shot at the link below!).


8 out of 10


We All Scream
Runtime: 7 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:


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