Rolling in like a thick, dark fog, Black Legend will be landing on doorsteps on March 25, 2021, and for this much I know, this isn’t a game you should miss out on. This creepy 17th century, top-down strategy based game is available on March 25th on PS4, Steam, Switch and Xbox One.


Black Legend is a free-to-roam, top-down strategy game set in the 17th century. You must lead a band of mercenaries into a city covered in a mysterious, deadly fog and take a cult following on the creator of this mysterious dark fog. Now you must piece together the stories from the survivors while searching for it and exploring different locations to discover the truth behind the true situation of the fog and stop the spread!


Now in Black Legend, you do get to free roam, but when it comes to battle it is turn-based, which is where the strategy comes into play. You have movement and an action per mercenary – the less time you take moving or doing actions with each mercenary, the faster the turns go. While you are roaming, you search for items to help you take down the cultists, or you can go to the mercenary compound and buy the items you need for your next encounter with the cult. In the end, you must fight your way, solve the mystery, and save the city of Grant from the fog that lumes over the city.


One of the things I like about this game is the aesthetic. The dark grudge feel of the 17th century city, the winding stone pathways just make you feel like you’re living there. I think the creators hit the nail on the head with the way things are perceived.


The only cons I have about Black Legend has nothing to do with the game, it’s more of a personal thing – I don’t like the top-down battles. I get why they did it for this feel of the game, it does work, but personally, I would have loved the immersiveness to continue, and be able to fight each battle from a first person setting. 



Black Legend is the perfect type of game that you can just turn on and enjoy, as this has a lot of replayability. Maybe you can go back through the game and find different ways to fight each battle. If you love strategy games, this is the game for you, and I would recommend you pick this game up! 


Rating  6 Mercenaries out of 10

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