Horror movies have evolved over the years and now we have a huge genre split into multiple categories, such as psychological, supernatural, monster, splatter, gothic horror, and many more so-called hybrid variants.

This is a good thing since people can watch the type of horror film that they prefer. We’ve seen many strange things in horror movies and the moment we start thinking that we’ve seen everything from this genre, something special and new comes up.

The first horror movie was Manoir du Diable back in 1896, which was a 3-minute short film, and since then many directors have tried to come up with a unique way to spook the viewers.

Animals play an important part in horror movies, and horses are no exception. These majestic creatures add a very interesting vibe to any movie and some horse lovers prefer movies with horses.

So if you are someone who likes to bet on horse racing, or love these animals, you should definitely check out the movies we highlighted below.

The Ring

The Ring is one of the most iconic horror films in history that changed the horror genre forever. If you love watching horror movies then you definitely remember the horse scene from the movie.

It was when a horse on the ferry becomes spooked and destroys the cage it’s in. Then it jumps overboard and drowns in the water. This was an important scene in the movie since Anna Morgen is a horse breeder and she commits suicide after the animal’s death. 

There’s no blood in the scene but there is a deeper meaning behind it all that will give you that horror movie vibes.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the most popular zombie TV show in history, which to be honest, there isn’t enough competition. However, the movie is full of bloody scenes where the undead is talking over. It is a TV series that will push you for a marathon watching and finish it in a week. 

Right from the start, in the first episode of the show, Rick Grimes comes to the town with a horse. This was the iconic scene that was showcased even in the trailer. It is important to mention that the town is full of zombies, so you probably already know how things ended.

Yes, Rick Grimes managed to get away, but unfortunately, the horse didn’t survive. Zombies hunted the horse and decide to eat the animal. This was one of the most spectacular scenes of the movie.

The Cell

When you think about Jennifer Lopez and acting, you usually think of a love story movie or a comedy, but that’s not the situation with this one. Jennifer Lopez alongside Vince Vaughn is the main actor in the movie called The Cell. 

The Cell is a psychological horror film directed by Tarsem Singh. Even though we are talking about psychological horror films, there were scenes with a lot of blood and violence, which is a weird twist for such a genre.

Since we are talking about horror movie scenes with a horse in them, The Cell is just the right movie for this article. It is a bloody scene that will definitely test your stomach. 

It is a scene where Catherine comes into a room with a horse, and the next moment, panels of glass start falling. The horse is cut up into layered pieces which were made with extreme attention to detail. The most interesting part is that the horse’s organs are still working when the woman comes to it.

The Cell was a very successful movie earning more than $100 million, even though it was made with a budget of only $34 million.

Final Words

Horses and humans will always have that unbreakable bond, as we witness in horse racing events. If you enjoy watching online horse racing in websites such as TwinSpires.com, you probably know that the bond between the jockey and the horse is crucial for the aspirations of winning the race. 

We cannot finish the article without an honorable mention for the Godfather scene where the character Jack Woltz wakes up with a severed horse’s head in his bed.

As we mentioned before, animals play an important part in movies, which is why we have to cherish the moment.

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