In the entertainment world, short stories in books and film are often the gateway to the discovery of new favorites. When done right, a short film makes an impact on the viewer and typically leaves one wanting more. Such was the case for me after watching the French short, Ravage.

Ravage is the story of officers Moreau (Virginie Lannelongue–also seen in Zombiephosate from last year) and Darrieu (Jean Laudouar). The two have been sent in search of a missing pesticide company executive named Perrier. Dasbro, the company he works for, produces a product called Glyphosate 8000.

It’s believed that Perrier did not return from a meeting with a man named Lambert (Benjamin Perier), who is a well-known opponent of Dasbro and their product. The bulk of the film takes place on Lambert’s property, as Moreau and Darrieu seek out both the missing man and the suspect. What follows in approximately six minutes of runtime, is a story that mixes suspense and intrigue, with nods to horror classics from the past. 

First off, Ravage had some throwback vibes from the ’80s/’90s that genre lovers can’t miss. The score, the title font, and the overall classic slasher feeling present in the film made for a nice combination. It also features a relevant topic some viewers might be familiar with—the use of glyphosate on farm crops. No matter what one’s standing on the issue, it makes the film more impactful and begs the question: is Lambert a criminal or antihero?

We’re given just enough information to draw our own conclusions which definitely added to an overall favorable impression and interest in learning more about the production company. Horror fans who like short films and the slasher sub-genre might want to add this to their watch list, or just give Ravage a watch for free at the link below now if you have seven minutes.

7 out of 10

Runtime:7 Mins.
Directed By:
Joe Buso
Written By:
Joe Buso

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