Much like writing a short story, making a short film presents a unique set of challenges for those who attempt to do it. You don’t have the advantage of length to create a narrative, nor the budget that would typically come with a feature production. So, to create something that leaves a lasting impression while also managing to stay brief is no simple undertaking. It is for this exact reason that, when somebody does successfully pull it off, it is all the more spectacular that they did. Necroman is the perfect example of how much you can achieve while working with very little.

The story of Necroman follows a character named Ali, who is suffering through the trauma of having witnessed the sexual assault and murder of his two sisters as a young boy. Driven to madness by this horrific experience, Ali has become deranged over the years and now believes that he can hear the dead speaking to him from beyond the grave. This delusion comes to a head when the man decides to bring some bodies home from the local cemetery to replace the family he has so tragically lost.

Atmospheric and creepy, Necroman is an interesting little film, to say the least. While there are many merits to be found throughout, the main highlight of the project is definitely the performance of the man who plays Ali, who is simultaneously both unsettling and pitiful in the role. Although you may feel repulsed by his actions, at the same time, you also can’t help but feel sorry for him. Given the short run-time, this is truly an impressive feat for the actor to have accomplished.

While Necroman may only be director Ercan Er‘s second of two short films, it is a clear demonstration of proficiency in his craft. Despite being so early into his career, I must say that he is already showing incredible potential as a filmmaker. If this selection is any indication of what we can expect from him in the future, then I have a feeling we will be hearing his name a lot more in the years to come. And personally speaking, I am looking forward to it.


7.5 out of 10


Runtime: 12 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By: Ercan Er



About the Author: LJ Lewis

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