A bloody bathtub, a creature sitting with its legs crossed in a dark dining room, faces popping out of nowhere, a haunted window curtain, a shadow doing some sort of dark yoga, a woman with an umbrella walking the street, and lots of gasps and choking sounds. If you think the cursed video from The Ring is disturbing, wait until you watch the imagery of The Ghost House.

The Ghost House is a collection of bizarre audiovisuals with, I hope, a purpose— maybe I’m not the market it is aimed for but if it was meant to cause discomfort on the viewer, then I take my comment back because it complied with its goal. It is an extrasensory mental disturbance that leaves no room for you to relax due to the sordid noises it presents and the abrupt appearance of images that serve as a transition between one dark scene to another. What’s the story in this little yet superb short film? I’m not sure if it’s related to rape; it seems to show the stages of sexual assault. It might be something else or maybe it’s open to interpretation. I’m sure there must be a correlation between the images and the hidden voices in the audio for the exclusive understanding of trained eyes and ears.

The Ghost House is uncomfortably cursed entertainment— it says so in its description. If it is true or not, I’ll let you know in seven days or so said the voice on the other side of the phone call I got after watching the short film. If I had known what the heck it was about in the slightest, I would give it a perfect rating.




The Ghost House
Runtime: 10 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:

About the Author: Brandon Henry

Brandon Henry was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, just south of the border of San Diego. His birthplace is the main reason nothing really scares him (kidding… it’s a very safe place). His love for horror films came when his parents accidentally took him to watch Scream, at the age of 6, thinking that it was a safe-choice because it starred “that girl from Friends”. At 12, he experienced the first of many paranormal events in his life. While he waits to be possessed by the spirit of a satanic mechanic, he works as a Safety Engineer and enjoys going to the theater, watching movies and falling asleep while reading a book. Follow him on Instagram @brndnhnry and on Twitter @brandon_henry.
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