The Poppy Jasper International Film Festival runs from April 7 to April 20 and as with most festivals, they have made the transition to a virtual platform. The upside here is that people across the country will be able to join in and check out what they have to offer! With over 180 films from 38 countries focusing on inclusion, diversity and women empowerment, All things that we can get behind.

In addition to films, festival will include panel discussions, including Industry Professionals and Visual Effects panel discussions along with Filmmaker, Community and Audience Awards that include local businesses, wineries and event spaces (all socially distanced.)



Barry has a unique problem. He came up with a truly original idea and he is the only one immune to it. Chris doesn’t believe a word of it. Dir. N’cee van Heerden. Canada.


For two alpinists, a hike up to a mountain cabin turns into a life- threatening battle between reality and illusion. Dir. Nicole Scherer. Austria.

Wild Will

When the neighborhood dogcatcher is found wandering the streets, he is brought to the police station. The situation disintegrates into hell on earth. Dir. Alan King. Australia.


Inside a grand Parisian apartment lives an elegant elderly lady. And inside this lady lives a monster. Dir. Garth Jennings. UK

Keep the Gaslight Burning

Mrs Maxwell killed her abusive husband, but he won’t stay dead.  Every night he comes to her bedroom but can’t enter as long as she keeps the gaslight burning. Dir. Dave Elsey, Lou Elsey. USA.


An artist who draws bizarre horror-themed illustrations loses himself in his dark world. Dir. Jared Leaf. USA

Buy Any Means

A young couple loves their flat, but the landlord evicts them in order to rent to a higher-paying tenant.  The couple decides to resist by any means. Dir Terry Hall. USA.

The Debutante

A young woman does not want to attend her debutante ball and finds a most unusual friend to go in her place. Dir. Neil Miller.USA.


Tickets for the films will be offered online through Eventive!

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