As a reader, I’ve always been fond of short stories. To develop a solid story with strong characters, within such a short time, takes talent. I’ve almost always found that if a creator is great at short fiction, their longer works follow suit. This has proven to be similar in the world of film. I’m a relative newbie in the realm of short films, but I’ve been impressed with most of what I’ve seen so far. RIP (2017) is one such film that left me intrigued and wanting to see more of the characters on the screen.

In approximately fifteen minutes, we follow the story of Marido (Josep Maria Riera), who’s been given a grave diagnosis. His wife, played by Itziar Castro, is bound and determined to make sure he has an unforgettable funeral.

What follows is a mash-up of black comedy and splashes of gore that kept me glued to the screen. It’s a bit outrageous in parts, but I think that’s the point. The film pokes fun at the seriousness involved in the ceremony, and the weight that Marido’s wife and mother (Carme Sansa) place upon how the community perceives them. They want the funeral to be perfect but plans don’t always go accordingly, as we see in this story.

The cinematography and the acting by all three leads are both solid. The visuals in general are appealing and the score adds to the emotions, especially upon the introduction and the closing credits.

In my research, I discovered that RIP serves as an accompaniment to a feature-length film, Matar a Dios (Killing God). This short has me interested enough to seek out that film as well as others by the same directors, but RIP works as a standalone as well for those more interested in a short feature.


8 out of 10


Runtime:16 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:Caye Casas, Albert Pintó





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