From developers Bohemia Interactive comes the open beta for new hardcore zombie survival mobile game, Mini DayZ 2. The open beta became available on both Android and iOS just last week, so the war between the two major mobile phone companies won’t carry into this human versus zombie battle. For all those interested, simply go into either your Google Play Store or Apple Store to find Mini DayZ 2 available for free. 


Synopsis: Set as a direct sequel to the original Mini DayZ, this successor places its focus on thorough exploration, a raids system, and a base-building mechanic. Both games derive from the zombie survival game DayZ from PC and console, but in a, well…mini version. 


This loot-n-shoot survival game, set in an old-school pixelated world, boasts much more difficult challenges than those in similar games. As players explore 16 different biomes and 25 raid locations across thousands of maps, they will have to loot everything needed to craft supplies and weapons in order to survive. With access to 31 unique unlockable crafting blueprints, players are responsible for upgrading their bases and supplies, all while leading their newfound community to survival.


Some key features include:


  • Meet fellow survivors and become their fearless leader
  • Develop a base of operations and build a community
  • Forage for food and resources to help you survive
  • Stay healthy by monitoring health, morale, and infection levels
  • Embark on raids to obtain supplies and upgrade your base
  • Grow plants as you battle the elements and tame the wilderness
  • Unlock blueprints to create makeshift weapons and protective gear
  • Discover various rare buildings, decorations, and unique landmarks


In a short – but sweet – 30-second trailer, viewers are given a very general overview of what to expect in Mini DayZ 2. Building bases, meeting survivors with their own situations, use the crafting system to create weapons, and most importantly, survive. While I’m a huge fan of pixel-style graphics, I do hope that these are clean enough to view well on a mobile phone, instead of looking rather jumbled like can happen in some games of similar design.

About the Author: Devon Tichenor

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