Coming out of left field in an announcement that took me off guard – game developer Outerminds has unveiled upcoming metroidvania Turbo Kid, based on the 2015 film of the same name. 


Outerminds, best known for making games for PewDiePie, one of the most popular creators on YouTube, has stated that this game has no official release date as of yet, but is currently scheduled to come out sometime in 2022. The development team is creating this in collaboration with the creators of the film RKSS Films, band Le Matos and producer EMA Films.


Synopsis: The movie this game is based off of has a 6.7/10 score on IMDb, at the time of writing this. Following along with the plot of the film, the game takes place in the distant future of 1997, where The Kid must fend for himself as he crosses the wasteland in search of a friend. 

This pixelated, post-apocalyptic world is dark, eerie, and features a wide range of environments that The Kid traverses on his BMX bike. I’m excited to see further updates come out about this game, as the gameplay definitely seems exciting. 


In a press release, the developers say “In keeping with the movie, the game will feature sprawling and diverse environments, comically over the top gore, a heartwarming story, and cool BMX tricks, all wrapped up in a throwback package.” While this is just the first trailer, since the estimated release date is still some time away, we definitely see all of the details they’ve described, minus the story, of course.


This retro-style game definitely seems intriguing though, and a stylized flashback for anybody who has seen the movie. For me personally, I’m adding it to the list of movies I have to watch before 2022 comes around.

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