If I see a spider in my home, one of the most terrifying creatures to walk this world, I immediately want to set the building aflame. Obviously, that’s not a real option, except in Kill It With Fire. This absolutely outrageous game is now available on the Xbox One – where today’s review was done – as well as the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch for $14.99.



As an officially licensed Kill It With Fire Exterminator, the player is hired to traverse this oddly barren world and, well, exterminate spiders. While in real life, you may find yourself simply squashing these arachnids with your shoe, or gently lifting them with a napkin to replace them outdoors, this game allows way more options, which we’ll dissect more in a moment.



The gameplay can honestly be however you want it to be. Feel like taking it slow, exploring every single room and checking off every objective on your clipboard? Sure, go right ahead. Or if you feel like jumping in feet first with your trusty flamethrower, that’s an option too. 

Every level gives you a set amount of objectives to discover on notes hidden around the level; some may be simple, like smashing the plates. Others might be more challenging, like taking out two spiders at once with a single shot. Completing these objectives does come with benefits, as you’ll be able to upgrade yourself or your weapons better the more you complete.

You also carry around a radar for spiders which you can upgrade as well as you collect hidden batteries. This seriously comes in handy, especially as the levels become larger and spiders have more places to hide.



This game is done amazingly well. While not only does it give you so many options for how to adjust your playstyle, it’s also incredibly forgiving. Too many times did I decide to just go ham with explosives and destroy the entire environment, only to later learn that I needed this one piece of equipment that’s now buried under the rubble. Restarting a level after completion is made easy, where you keep all of your equipment and any doors you previously unlocked remain that way.



Honestly? Not too much to say here. Maybe I wish there was more of it? I had a great time playing through this entire game, but it only took me a couple of hours to complete everything. Especially since it’s so stupidly addictive for its simplicity, I could’ve finished this even faster had I not been trying to find every little detail.



Kill It With Fire is such an entertaining game to play. Chaos ensues as you exterminate all these different species of spiders, trying to experiment with new excessive strategies and completing all of these objectives. Especially for the price of $14.99 on so many different platforms, this is a remarkably fun game that is definitely worth the price.


Rating: 9 out of 10 Jumping Spiders

Kill It With Fire is currently available on Xbox One, Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and even Android and iOS.


About the Author: Devon Tichenor

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