A new take on a life simulator has entered the atmosphere! Developed and published by J6 Games, Alien Life Simulator is available on Steam as an Early Access game.


Alien Life Simulator is described as a 3rd person roguelite, with aspects of both a life simulator and a survival adventure. As a unique twist, players are also responsible for maintaining their alien’s emotions.

While the emotional system seems to be a huge mechanism in the game, the lack of explanation makes it difficult to understand…well, how to use it. After some trial-and-error, I quickly learned that while some emotions add interesting buffs or change the way other aliens interact with you, others can hinder your progress in a variety of ways.


The fast-paced gameplay makes sure that players will think rapidly and move light on their feet as they explore this vast alien world. As you traverse through gates to explore different platforms, a variety of hostile aliens may threaten to stop you dead in your tracks. Taking the route of a third person shooter, players will need to find loot and switch between weapons quickly as ammo is in short supply in comparison to the amount of enemies.


The clean, simplistic graphics are quite pleasing to look at: Vivid, sleek, and straight to the point.

The music – while it could probably use some polishing as the static can be a bit overbearing – is really cool in concept, and definitely aids to setting the atmosphere.


There is a massive lack of direction – including in the tutorial, which is supposed to teach players the concept and objective of the game. While games don’t need to take a fully-grasped hold-handing approach, Alien Life Simulator guides players into the world before pushing them forward. Even after finishing the tutorial, it was still difficult to understand what the goals were.


Overall, I believe that Alien Life Simulator has some true potential. While it could use some work as it continues through the development period, the foundation does seem sturdy.

Alien Life Simulator is currently available on Steam Early Access for the price of $24.99.

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