Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you found a spider in your house, and before you knew it, it was gone? Because same. Fortunately for us, Kill It With Fire cures that fear.

This first person action game has been available on Steam since August 2020, but now it is coming to Xbox on March 4th and the Pre-Order is available now with 20% off. The full game launches on Xbox One, as well as PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $14.99, matching the same price as Steam. 

If you are looking to squash some spiders on-the-go, the game will also be free with additional unlocks on Android or iOS on March 4th!

Synopsis: Full of pure, legitimate chaos, this first person action game is all about hunting down the spiders of nightmares, and causing collateral damage in the process. Complete with a full armory of extreme weapons, leave a trail of complete destruction behind you, a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, as you hunt down these terrifying beasts.

Some key features of Kill It With Fire include:

  • Dozens of weapons
  • Creepy crawlies
  • “Realistic” fire simulation system
  • Gratuitous chaos and destruction
  • Finally learn the truth about spiders


Okay, I apologize for my total lack of “professionalism,” but this looks amazing. As someone with a real fear of spiders, I thought at first that playing a game like this would be an easier way to ease myself with the encounters, but…no, just no. As players progress, they’ll confront new species of spiders, all with new terrifying abilities. The shot of a spider launching towards our face? I literally jumped.

These eight-legged nemesis will soon be taken care of when the exterminators come to handle the business! Keep an eye out for HorrorBuzz’s full review in the coming days!

About the Author: Devon Tichenor

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