How do black holes work? Why is their gravitational force so strong? Where does everything go once it’s sucked by it? Some of these questions are answered in the insanely informative documentary Black Holes – The Edge of All We Know. If you think planning a trip is tiring, wait until you see how long it took this group of scientists to have a better understanding of the universe, and this is their lives work.

The goal: Taking the first live photo of a black hole. The date: April 2019. The purpose: Science. This is all you need to know before you start watching this documentary because the rest will be explained by experts. The way anything is explained in this documentary, and by anything I mean ANYTHING, even a song, is highly detailed. The graphics used while the experts speak are very nice and understandable. The experts know the purpose of it and they show it off by getting rid of the technical jargon in modern physics to make it accessible to anyone that may be interested in learning something about that thing we form a part of: space.

You can tell there’s a lot of passion for what they do. What is even more helpful to understand what we’re dealing with is the use of archived footage featuring recordings of Stephen Hawking explaining some of his research— and no, it wasn’t Eddie Redmayne portraying the character. Sadly, he didn’t have a chance to be part of this big moment as he passed away one year earlier but his legacy gave an opportunity to his colleagues.

It’s a shocking film if you’ve never read anything about how the universe works. It could even make you wonder how is it possible that we believe we’re the only life form on the galaxy. Then again, it is also an interesting window to the lives of how a scientist thinks and lives— everything spins around the unknown and the equations that might help find the value for those X factors. We get to see everything: the formulation of hypotheses, the experiments, the theories they put forward, the ideas they share with other colleagues. It is breathtaking to see how they play with the doubts about the universe while some of us complain about not finding a parking spot near the mall entrance.

Filled with experts on the subject that detail everything in a simple understandable way, Black Holes – The Edge of All We Know shows us the amazing journey and the passion it takes to obtain something in the name of science. It doesn’t matter if the final product is blurrier than my myopic eyesight— if you’re curious, look for the photo on any search engine.




Black Holes – The Edge of All We Know
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