SLAMDANCE 2021 Premiere – The title and cinematography are an obvious reference to 1970’s “blaxploitation” films, and the opening credits and chapter intros are styled as action comics, but at its heart Black Kung fu Chick is about a girl coming to terms with herself and gaining power for herself in a difficult world.

Tasha (Taylor Polidore) is a Watts, L.A. high school student who fights off local bullies to protect herself and her younger brother, Zero (PJ Hubbard). When she meets her science teacher, Mr. Gian (Peter Boon Koh), he sees her distress and offers to help, and invites her and her brother over to his house so she can learn to defend herself.

While Tasha expects a Karate Kid scenario, when they show up he makes them some tea and has them watch a video of a crane fighting and escaping a tiger. And then watch it again. He wants her to learn subtler things: “Life is about energy, Tasha. When you learn that, you will be able to access your chi, and you will be a great healer.” Tasha does, in fact, want to go into a medical profession, even applying for the UCLA pre-med.

As these lessons continue, Tasha gains self-respect and strength, even though the only physical training she does is mimicking kung fu films in the mirror at home. While from the first moment Tasha is helping others, she needs to learn to take care of herself so she’ll have the energy to keep helping.

Black Kung fu Chick is currently playing at Slamdance 2021.


6 out of 10 Giant Kung Fu Chickens


Black Kung fu Chick
Runtime:23 Minutes
Directed By:Rae Shaw
Written By:Rae Shaw

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