Stories centered around casinos and gambling are tailor-made for the silver screen. There’s just something about the theme and plots that grip audiences around the globe. After casting an eye over the free games with Hollywood Casino, it sets the wheels in motion as to what the top five Hollywood gambling movies are. Any such lists are widely objective, but we are sure you’ll all agree that these are all superb movies in their own right.


Starring Matt Damon as Mike McDermott, Rounders takes you inside the world of high-stakes poker. The plot takes several twists and turns as Mike and his best friend, played by the magnificent Edward Norton, hit the underground poker scene in an attempt to pay off a debt owed to some rather unsavoury people.

The Gambler

The original, which stars James Caan, is one of the most iconic gambling movies ever made. Caan is a university professor with a heavy addiction to the buzz and excitement of casino gambling. The story shows Caan’s character plunging to the darkest depths of despair as he struggles to control his addiction. Without spoiling anything, the movie’s climax will have you on the edge of your seat. In 2014, Mark Wahlberg starred in a remake of this classic, but it doesn’t quite match the original in our opinion.


This is a favorite for many moviegoers; possibly because it’s inspired by the true story of the famous MIT blackjack team. Kevin Spacey plays a central role as a maths professor who trains several of his top students in the art of counting cards at the blackjack table. They then put their skills into action at weekends by hitting multiple Las Vegas casinos. However, things start to unravel as stories of jealousy, deception and betrayal all start to surface. 21 is a thrilling drama that appeals to anyone with an interest in the neon light of Vegas, casinos, and blackjack. For us, it’s a must-see – you won’t be disappointed.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a James Bond classic. While the original hit cinemas in 1967, it’s the 2006 remake featuring the handsome Daniel Craig that won the most plaudits. As you would expect from a Bond movie; there’s plenty of action throughout as 007 is sent on an assignment to take down the film’s villain Le Chiffre. With multiple scenes set around the poker table as Bond battles it out in high-stakes games coupled with a sparkling love affair, Casino Royale is a great movie in many ways.


Martin Scorsese is a Hollywood legend, so it’s no surprise that he was behind the camera for what many critics believe is the greatest casino – gambling movie of all-time. Casino follows Robert De Niro’s character ‘Ace’ Rothstein who is recruited by a mafia syndicate to oversee operations of the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas.

The all-star cast also features Joe Pesci, who plays Rothstein’s friend Nicky Santoro and a young Sharon Stone, who won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for her performance as Ginger McKenna who’s a Vegas chip hustler. Scorsese is famed for his portrayals of underworld crime and Casino leaves a mark with many gritty and often disturbing scenes that you’re guaranteed not to forget.

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