Developers over at Creepy Jar have officially announced that the newest addition to Green Hell, Spirits of Amazonia Part One, is out now as a totally free update on Steam. This brand new story acts as a prequel to the original Story Mode, introducing a larger map, new quests, and so much more. Along with this information, we can expect to see more information about the port to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon! 

Synopsis: In this new addition, you play as Jake, where in this story, he attempts to befriend an Amazonian tribe for the very first time. Assigned new Legendary Quests, Jake is set on this new path by the tribe’s Shaman, taking him on a journey to explore never before seen map areas and solve challenging riddles. Some key features will include:  

  • New Mode – Spirits of Amazonia  – An all-new story happening before the events of Green Hell’s Story Mode.
  • New Map Area – A new map area separated from the map you know… for now.
  • Four New Legendary Quests – Piece together riddles, revealed by paintings on hidden stones all throughout the rainforest, to discover the tribe’s story and aid their village.
  • New Mushroom – Search inside of caves to find a new mushroom with mysterious properties.
  • New Spike Tree – Be careful! Chopping down a tree just got more dangerous, and just a tiny bit poisonous!
  • New Custom Building – Add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode!

This trailer showcases the new addition to the game, Spirits of Amazonia Part One. In this, we see several forms of exploration, whether that takes Jakes scaling alongside cliff edges, diving into a sunken ship, or carving his way through the Amazonian jungles. The many exploration tactics definitely give the impression of a wide strategy of gameplay, which peaks my interest immediately. 

Green Hell is currently available on Steam and Nintendo Switch (published by Forever Entertainment), for the price of $24.99. It will also be coming to VR (published by Incuvo), as well!



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