Every business wants to retain its customers, especially the first one they served after their launch. They always go ahead to find out about the best marketing strategies that will work for them both in the short and long term. Some of the marketing methods they use include giving out free gifts and discounts to their customers.

Since the online casino in Canada is another form of business that aims to make a profit after every trading period, it has to employ better market strategies to get more customers and keep the existing ones. Some of the best strategies that worked for most of them are the use of promotions and other forms of freebies.

What our expert had to say

As a casino player, you may get confused by the numerous casino sites in Canada offering promotions to the extent of not knowing what to go for. That’s why we linked up with one of our experts Daniel Bennet, (more about him), to let you know some of the promotions you can get in an online casino.

Types of online casino promotions

Below are some of the Canadian online casino promotions you can check on;

Sign up bonus

Have you ever joined an online casino in Canada as a new user and got a reward. That was a welcome bonus (sign up bonus). It’s a reward that casino sites give to the first subscribers to encourage them to start playing.

As a new subscriber, you can use the bonus to explore further the available games on the site. The sign up bonus works differently. For instance, if you join a site, you may find that the sign-up bonus is tied to your deposit amount. Mostly, there is no deposit casino bonus in Canada on the majority of the sites.


Loyalty bonus

The same way other businesses reward their customers who have stayed with them throughout is how Canadian casino online companies do to their customers. There is stiff competition from rival companies making it difficult for some new companies to thrive in the casino industry. 

Therefore, the ones that have thrived throughout the tough competition find it worth to reward their loyal customers. They may do that annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Promo code bonus

Coupon codes are online gambling promotions in Canada that are open to both new and experienced casino players. Most casino companies use them as a form of marketing for their sites. Even though some promo codes are always public, some are private and only accessible to a few players.


Probably you have only seen in the news about the jackpot winners but have never won. Also, it may take you longer to become one. But if you do, it will be the turning point of your life.

Jackpots are available in almost every Canadian casino site that is looking for a bigger customer base. However, the size of the bonus in such sites do vary. You may join a site with a bigger casino bonus compared to others.

Reload Bonus

When you venture into a business, you may need a starting capital in the form of money and stock. However, that may not be enough in the long-term. That’s why it’s advisable for you that you have adequate stock.

Similarly, in a casino, you may get rewarded with a signup bonus after depositing your initial bonus. However, that may not be enough for you since you may not have enough stake to stay on the site.

That is why the casino site you join will keep giving you a bonus after your initial deposit as you continue to play.


High Roller bonus

Are you a risk-taker or not? There are players out there who stake on risky games without fearing to lose. To appreciate their courage and effort, the companies do offer VIP packages to huge spenders. That also motivates them to keep tracking risks.

If you have been planning to join an online casino in Canada, then this article provides information on the bonuses you are likely to find. You can learn about free online casino no deposit site and everything else you need to know about casino promotions. You can consider joining one and find out if they have the promotions you are looking for.

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