SUNDANCE 2021 PREMIERE Quirky, charming GNT pokes fun at modern influencer culture, the pros and cons of neo-feminism, and “keeping up with the Joneses”… or should I say, “The Joans.” 

Four minutes of raucous fun, directed, written, and animated by the dynamic duo of Sara Hirner and Rosemary Vasquez-Brown, GNT combines a unique visual style with unique humor. Characters Glenn, Nicki, and Tammy (get it- GNT?) are a dynamic trio on their own–cheekily pointing out each other’s flaws while simultaneously lifting each other up. GNT makes a joyful commentary on social media, the pressures of living your life on the web, and the ghastly comparisons women make amongst themselves. Existence in our 2021 timeline is rugged, and even more so when you start comparing yourself to the carefully curated social media feeds of others. Glenn falls into a wicked, and wickedly funny, trap when she finds herself to be the only one of her lady friends who hasn’t dealt with thrush, or as her friends point out, the oh so popular tag #thrush. This sets her on a path of dastardly and devious influencer trickery, to hilarious ends.

GNT may seem like a cynical fluff piece but it isn’t without great meaning. Womanhood, and womanhood in the age of image-obsessed, like-chasing doomscrollers, can be incredibly difficult. Sure, thrush sucks, but what about feeling like the only one left behind of your peer group? What about the #metoo movement, or the horrible comparative language we use to define women? What about being pitted against your closest friends for no reason besides gender? GNT has a much deeper message we all should reflect upon hidden behind the funky art and the fun and funny subject matter (next time we look up from our phones).

GNT is now playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Runtime: 4 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By: Sara Hirner & Rosemary Vasquez-Brown

About the Author: Miranda Riddle

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