Being bad never felt so good. From writer/director Courtney Paige comes The Sinners, a thrilling murder mystery about some girls, a cult, and the seven deadly sins. What could possibly go wrong? This latest thriller of (seven) deadly proportions from Brain Storm Media comes to Digital and On Demand this February.

The Sinners


Synopsis: Seven schoolgirls, part of a clique dubbed The Sins, become the lethal target of an unknown killer after a harmless prank goes horribly wrong.


A film like this is only as good as its cast, and I have high hopes for this group of girls. It has a bit of a The Craft vibe and I totally dig that.  The movie has a bit of a predictable feel, but it looks like a fun flick and I will definitely be checking it out. Plus… I am looking forward to seeing how each group member is related to each sin and if that has any influence on the story once they really get into their craft.

Written by Courtney Paige, Erin Hazlehurst, Madison Smith, The Sinners was directed by Paige and stars Kaitlyn Bernard, Brenna Llewellyn, Brenna Coates, Keilani Elizabeth Rose, Jasmine Randhawa, Carly Fawcett, Natalie Malaika, Aleks Paunovic, and Lochlyn Munro. The Sinners creeps its way onto Video on Demand on February 19.

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