More indie-developed games have been porting onto the Nintendo Switch, a welcome change to make these treasure troves more widely accessible to gamers everywhere. Thanks to Steve Gabry, “Portable Moose,” horror point-and-click Sally Face is now available on the Nintendo Switch as of January 21st! 

Synopsis: Separated into five different episodes, the game follows Sal “Sally Face” Fisher as he investigates a mysterious murder and delves into an unsettling adventure as the truth becomes clear. On this Nintendo Switch edition, available only through the Nintendo eShop, all 5 episodes are included in one purchase. 


This cult favorite horror adventure game features the following:


  •  Inspired in part by 1990s cartoons and personal nightmares
  •  Loaded with bizarre and memorable characters
  •  Challenging optional puzzles reveal new narrative threads
  •  Handcrafted by a solo dev (including art, design, narrative, music, etc.)
  •  Episodic format: original episode released on PC in Aug 2016, fifth and final episode released Dec 2019
  •  Other Platforms: Steam, GOG, itch, Game Jolt


The first thing that stands out to me upon watching this trailer is the hand-drawn graphics; the longer the trailer goes on, with the ominous music building in the background, the feelings of dread unsettlingly grow within you. As the dark mystery of Sally Face unfolds, the words of Steve Gabry himself ring a whole new tune – ”When I first started working on the game, my life was falling apart.” Steve says, “Sally Face saved me from a deep depression that I found myself in. It means everything to me to see people all over the world find a meaningful connection to my work.”
Previously only available on PC, this port gives the world of opportunity to players on the Nintendo platform. Especially for the price of $14.99, fans of the horror genre will be enticed by this dark, spine-chilling game. 

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