With the advent of smartphones, the world of gaming has seen a sea change in the last few years. The advent and spread of the Internet have also accelerated the growth of the gaming industry. Being excited by the growth, many talented game developers entered the market, creating new and attractive games that have attracted many more gamers into the market.  Earlier people used to go to the physical casinos to play different games. But with the advent of the Internet and smartphones, gamers can now play different online games from their Smartphone sitting right from the comfort of their homes.

Many online sites have also come up which help the players to play different games. You must be careful while choosing the site as it has to be reliable and trustworthy. You must see that you never lose your money after winning the game. Genesis casino is one such reliable casino where you can get a lot of exciting games and the site is trustworthy, too. You can also get reviews of good games along with detailed descriptions of their features.

The year 2020 has been a fantastic year for the gaming industry as people worldwide sat at home and played old games and also tried their luck in new ones. Feeling excited about the opportunity, even new and small game developers entered the market to tap the upcoming opportunities. They built new and exciting games with adventurous features and some of them have become a great hit in the market. 

Keeping this background in view, let us have a look at the new and upcoming games which are expected to hit the market in 2021.

Balan Wonderworld 

This game has been positioned as the modern take of the classic performers belonging to the 32-bit era. There are two characters and you will have to choose any one from them. You will have to explore the variety of the different imaginations and realities of the world. There will be different costumes of 80 varieties that will help to unlock the new abilities which your characters may go through.

The famous Yuji Naka of the Sonic the Hedgehog fame is the director of the game and reviews have already compared the other work Nights into Dreams with this one. The fans of the Platformer games do not want to miss out on this one.

The Ascent

It was planned originally as Xbox series X launch but finally slipped into the year 2021. It is a twin-stick shooter and there is a cover system that features the ability to attack the low and high points on the enemies. The gamer can destruct the enemies and there are also a variety of augments with the help of which you can customize your character.

The game has been developed in Neon Games, a small studio. The gaming company Epic Games was highly impressed with the title. They were so impressed that they offered a grant to cover up the cost of development. This game may belong to the cyberpunk genre.

Bravely Default II

The first two Bravely Default games released on the 3DS were typical fantasy RPGs bolstered by their unique risk-reward battle system. Players could use brave points to stack up attacks for big damage, or default to save them up and take less damage in a turn. It kept those games fresh, even if they sometimes dragged on for too long.

This game known as Bravely Default II has brought the unique combat of the series exclusively for the Switch and this they are doing for the first time. The series is true to the inspirations of the Final Fantasy and the story and characters of the game are going to be completely original and totally different from what it was in the previous series.

Chivalry 2

Its earlier edition named Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was a big hit in the market when it was released in the year 2012. But unfortunately, it lagged the support of the developer and hence the players moved on to the other games a long time ago. The current version, known as Chivalry 2 will have modern graphics, massive 64 player battles, and an improved combat. Now the developer Torn Banner hopes that those gamers will come back to the sequel once again. Many people are of the hope that this game is going to be the next big thunder in the world of multiplayer games.

Crossfire X

It is a very popular first-person shooter game in South Korea and China, though it failed to make its presence felt in the West. The good news is that Microsoft has launched the latest version of this shooter for the consoles exclusively with the hope that it will catch on in the future.

The game is going to involve a lot of tension and multiplayer action which is mostly objectively based. This series is not going to be a single-player one. The game would have been launched last year, but it got delayed into 2021 due to the pandemic issues of coronavirus pandemic.


This can be described as a combination of the movie Groundhog Day with the series Hitman. This question was never asked before the launch of the game Deathloop. The gamer will play as a Colt, who is an assassin who got stuck in a loop on an island in a party that is supposed to reset each day. The gamer will have to eliminate a total of eight targets before the end of midnight and should be alive himself. If it is not done, you will be sent to the beginning of the loop again.

The game has also got a multiplayer component which allows the players to jump into the game in the form of an assassin who is named Julianna. His main task will be to take the Colt down before he is able to complete the mission. The game involves a lot of entertainment as it progresses towards the end.

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