Recently, my days have been divided into Package or No Package days. Package days consist of me obsessively checking the mail, and this past week was no different. But the shared excitement over all packages was the only similarity between this package from 444 LIBERATIO and any other I have received. More or less, I usually know what packages contain, but this package held mysteries just waiting to be discovered.

444 LIBERATIO is the time-transcending immersive mystery experience built around a package handcrafted by the creator, Elisabeth Stranathan. It takes place entirely on Zoom and lasts about an hour. The package, or CherishTreasureChest (as it is referred to in the universe), is tailored towards the individual and is directly influenced by a questionnaire filled out prior to the experience. The questionnaire proved to be both entertaining and introspective. After completing it, I was provided with the difficult task of patiently waiting for the package.

My package for 444 LIBERATIO arrived late Saturday afternoon, a few busy weeks after I had completed the questionnaire and only a few days before the day scheduled for the experience.

The day of the experience finally had arrived, and it was time to embark on my own personal journey held mere moments in front of me. 444 LIBERATIO proved to live up to the excitement I had created in my head.

This immersive was incredibly well put together. The guest is guided into a new realm by a character named Exodus (played by Elisabeth Stranathan), who is a warm, welcoming face. The experience is essentially a journey to navigate the intricacies of the CherishTreasureChest together. 444 LIBERATIO is a great mix of immersive experience and puzzle box. Instructions were clearly provided throughout, and everything needed to unlock the secrets within were contained neatly in the package.

The CherishTreasureChest itself was extremely detailed and intricate. The creator put a lot of heart into it, and I really appreciated that. Every aspect was meaningful and caused many positive emotions. I enjoyed having tangible items to help remember my experience.

444 LIBERATIO boasted a strong introspective narrative, which encouraged participation and self-reflection.  I loved the journey I was taken on with Exodus, and the puzzles proved to be both fun and engaging. The basis of why I was tasked with opening the package was a bit loose, but that worked well in the context of the experience.

Overall, 444 LIBERATIO brought me immense joy and forced me to consider who I am as a person. The creativity behind it was astounding and made my list of favorites for this year.

To learn more, and to buy tickets, please visit their ticketing website.

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