For the first time ever, the Cecil Hotel is allowing cameras inside for an investigation of ghostly proportions in the two-hour special, GHOST ADVENTURES: CECIL HOTEL. Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans brings his bombastic techniques to the storied hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Ca.  uncovering room after creepy room of chilling and heavy atmosphere if nothing else. Along for the investigation is stalwart companion Aaron Goodwin and investigators Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley.

A HUGE get for Bagans and his team, the Cecil Hotel is home to multiple deaths, murders, and suicides. On separate occasions, infamous serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger called the 14-story building home while carrying out their fiendish murders. However, it is with the shocking disappearance and “accidental” death of Canadian student Elisa Lam that the Cecil gained recent infamy. Lam, went missing on January 31, 2013 leaving behind a record of strange behavior on an elevator security camera. She was found in one of the hotel’s rooftop water tanks three weeks later after guests complained of low water pressure and a funny taste in the water.

It is with Lam’s story that Bagans and crew kick things off. They retrace her steps at the elevator that she was last seen in and visit the place of her “accidental” death up on the roof. This is followed by a stop at the room where Ramirez, aka The Nightstalker, stayed. As an added bonus the G.A. team bring along a few of Ramirez’s satanic drawings to entice him into communication. How much you buy into Bagans’ brand of camera-friendly reactions to gusts of cold wind or devices that seem to connect with the hereafter, there is a palpable sense of dread throughout the show.

Given unprecedented access for two full nights of investigation the Ghost Adventures team takes full advantage of the opportunity. They go through nearly every room even seeming to capture a few interesting bits of unexplainable phenomenon. While these moments are nothing that would convince a cynic, fans will go nuts for them.


Entertaining and creepy as all hell, GHOST ADVENTURES: CECIL HOTEL is one of Bagans’ better specials and definitely worth the watch. Even if you don’t buy into the paranormal, the amount that you learn about this little patch of hell in Los Angeles is some wonderfully unsettling history.

You can now see the two-hour special on Discovery+


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