One day after another of the same monotonous motions, every single day is the same as the day before it. You find yourself laying down in bed closing your eyes eagerly waiting for sleep’s sweet embrace. Just as you feel the safe familiar comforting fingers of sleep running through your mind. A blaring sound jolts you awake….

“HEY PARTY ANIMALS ARE YOU READY TO PARTY!!! ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Let’s Party Hard, 2 night!!!” Followed by intense deep bass rave music playing. You scream in your mind not again!!! This has to end!!



In Party Hard 2, you find yourself thrown into the shoes of a character who has reached their breaking point. No longer can they play by society’s rules. No longer can they live a boring life. You find yourself awaken again by a party going on next door. A party full of drugs, dealers, lights, loud music, and bouncers. You have lost your job because you can’t focus due to lack of sleep. So, you decide that it is time for this to end. You grab a knife, and you head to the party. Once you start you find that you just can’t stop the bloodlust becomes unquenchable. A sick and twisted tale of vigilantism ensues. Instead of the mantra of “The party never ends” you embrace your own mantra, “The Party must end, one way or another.”



What’s nice about Party Hard 2, is that you have options. Yes, you have straight forward goals at each stage, for example:

  • Kill the drug deals (0/7)

And such things but you have options in the methods you employ. You can set the music speakers to blow causing mass havoc or you can put electricity in the water to shock your target to death. If you prefer a more personal touch you can hide in the alleyway and wait quietly with your knife in the striking position. You can be stealthy and sneak in through a window or side door, a killer shadow. Want to draw the cops out so you can “borrow” some of their high-end gear, like a frag grenade, then leave a body out in the open to be discovered. When the police arrive wait by their car as they investigate and upgrade your arsenal.  

Secrets? Yup this game has them. Secret craft-able items like make your Molotov and reign fire down upon those drug-dealing bikers. Start a random fight with a bouncer or even bring the dead back to the world of the living. You can even go sightseeing and figure out what bands are coming to the venue next week or not if you have your way. 

You play in a 2d work with 2d sprites, the colors are vivid, the music is bumping every level that I played had me nodding my head. 



  • Fun quick gameplay
  • Action is nonstop
  • Lots of ways to accomplish your goals
  • Different ways to accomplish goals
  • Variabilities in the movement of targets 


  • Simple graphics might turn some off
  • Not a lot of direction, players are left to figure it out
  • Can’t outrun the cops, you can run though (click down on the left joystick)

The Verdict

Party Hard 2 is a fun and fast-paced game. Honestly, I would play this a lot on my switch. I reviewed this title on the Xbox, but I just feel like this game was made for the portability of the switch. If I was waiting in line or had a 15-minute break, I would love to bust this game and indulge in some quick game time. It’s not a graphic powerhouse by any means but it does have clear and crisp visuals. The story is interesting enough leaving plenty to explore.


Final Score: 8 out of 10

I would give Party Hard 2 an 8 out of 10. It has quick and fun gameplay. It’s easy to pick up and play a level without having to invest a ton of time. Being able to replay the missions and having each playthrough feel different, really makes this game one that I can play for a long time. 

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About the Author: Derek Brown

Derek Brown is a caring father of three amazing children, a loving husband to a very understanding wife. He has been writing since before the dawn of time, or since he was old enough to learn how to. He has self-published one book already, Until the End, which will be enjoying a paperback release in the near future. As a result of the screaming voices in his head he has almost finished his second book, An untitled collection of short horror stories and dark twisted poems. When he isn’t being tormented by the demonic voices he is a full-time nurse assisting those souls in need of help. Derek is probably the biggest, Bob’s Burger’s Fan to ever write horror stories. He also somehow manages to find time to Cosplay as, Batman, The Dark Knight and can been seen cheering up the faces of children at hospitals and schools.
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