Believe it or not, there are a lot of things out there that still cannot be explained by skeptics or even scientists. But whether you do believe in it or don’t is up to the credibility and security with which an expert discloses the information of their superior knowledge on the subject. In the case for Sasquatch Among Wildmen, there’s a lot of questions left yet to answer as there’s no new information about the matter.

Sasquatch Among Wildmen contradicts itself by stating in its title that it lives among men, but it never mentions how or even when was it seen living in our society as it keeps showing it lives far away from civilization. It feels more like an anthology than a documentary as it has more weight in collecting a few interviews and videos taken by people who are not credited than relevant data spun in blocks. The lack of structure makes this documentary difficult to digest— the information is so scattered throughout the 73 minutes of video that at times it may seem like you are listening to your drunk friend that after six beers begins to babble about conspiracies because they saw lights in the sky but it was a streetlight all along. It sort of pulls you in towards the end but by the time it’s tries to keep you interested it seems too late and you may have already lost hope in finding something relevant in it. Skepticals

One thing that I can appreciate from this documentary is the way it tries to compare the different sightings in several parts around the world, but the lack of consistency in the information provided and the insecurity shown by some of the experts makes you completely doubt what they’re trying to show you— it’s like they’re trying to sell you a piece of meat when you’re expecting to buy the whole cow.

While other documentaries show clear evidence, give relevant data, present hypotheses and possible reasons, and fight to prove their veracity, in Sasquatch Among Wildmen we can see how a person just keeps talking about how big are the footprints that the creatures leave in sighting while other keep comparing them to apes. Whether it is real or not, it is up to the viewer’s judgment but it is very finite when the narrator leaves no doubt for a hoax as its closing statement is “these beings may still exist.”




Sasquatch Among Wildmen
Runtime:73 Mins.
Directed By:Darcy Weir

Written By:

About the Author: Brandon Henry

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